At BuddyLou’s, we care —  about our patrons, our employees, our community, our environment. Our current charitable activities include:

Double Your Parking Payment!
Let your server know and we will refund your parking meter fee. We will also match your expense and donate the proceeds to the American Humane Society.
BuddyLou’s Slot Machine
All moneys collected from our antique slot machine are donated to the American Humane Society.
Be a Guest Chef
Raise money for the charity of your choice. We will donate 15% of the proceeds to your chosen non-profit organization.

BuddyLou’s Boas

By purchasing one of our BuddyLou’s Boas from our gift shop, you help us contribute to one of our favorite charities. All proceeds from these sales go directly to the American Humane Society. We think Buddy and Lucy would be proud of what we’ve accomplished in their names! See how BuddyLou’s Boas came to be.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We’ve adhered to that motto for decades in how we live and how we run our business. From our one-of-a-kind chair covers made from plaid shirts ready for the dustbin to our Litter Critters™ made from reclaimed plastics, we demonstrate both our commitment to the environment and the community.

LitterCritters™ Sales

We donate the proceeds from the sale of these fun little creatures to fund deserving projects in West Virginia.