What’s In a Name? A Reminder Of Something You Love. 

Hi, I’m Diane Smith, your Proprietress at BuddyLou’s. Thanks for visiting our site. From the day we first conceived of a restaurant and antiques destination in Hancock, I knew this business would be special.

A vibrant restaurant and shopping destination along the scenic Potomac River

Country hospitality with a contemporary flair

We’d put so much of ourselves into it, down to the very shirts off our backs, so I thought our name had to fit with the charming and personable atmosphere we’d worked so hard to create.

While sitting in the kitchen one night with our dogs, Buddy and Lucy, I thought it would be nice to introduce our guests to our precious pets so they could love them as much as we do.

And like that, “BuddyLou’s” was born.

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Where folks become friends,

and friends become family.