How BuddyLou’s Boa Is Born

As we began gathering what we needed to set up our restaurant, our budget steered us towards used items whenever possible.

For example, our used chairs needed to be recovered, but the price of fabric would be more than the cost of the chairs! One morning, I saw my husband’s plaid shirts and BINGO! Seat covers!

I used the backs to recover a few chairs, thought they looked great, and set out to find enough shirts to recover all the chairs. Friends, neighbors, thrift stores, restaurant contractors all made contributions. 

Rebirth of the remnants…

Reduce and recover…

After cutting out the shirt backs, I saved the remnants (I never throw anything away!) and made tab curtains with the help of my dear friend and neighbor, Barbara. 

But the shirt collars and front panels remained in a basket waiting to be put to good use. What to do? One day as I passed by the basket, I grabbed one and threw it around my neck and thought, “Scarves!” And the BuddyLou Boa was born!

Resale of the rest – for a worthy cause

In keeping with our animal-loving nature and because our dogs are such an important part of our lives, we decided to sell the BuddyLou’s Boas and donate all proceeds to the American Humane Society. 

Looking back, it is amazing what one shirt can provide. First, a new shirt for someone to wear. Then, seat covers and curtains for BuddyLou’s. Finally, these Boas now help the animals that are looking for their forever homes.