Looking for a unique gift for a special person? When you shop in our Artisan Gift shop, you are helping us to support local artists and creators because in all we do, BuddyLou’s supports the #buylocal movement.

  • Soy candles, fragrant soaps
  • One-of-a-kind jewelry
  • Garden statuaries
  • Chocolate lovers candy bars
  • Chocolate lovers candy bars

Throughout our establishment, you’ll see local artists drawings, sculpture, wooden carvings, and crafts, with something to appeal to every taste.

Our extensive collection of vintage and antique purses, hats, and dresses evoke the charm of childhoods past. Pair a piece of vintage jewelry with today’s designs and you’ll reflect the unique style that is BuddyLou’s own. 

We also offer a range of BuddyLou’s branded products. From our signature sauces, to our original BuddyLou’s jams, mustards, salsas, and barbeque sauce, you’ll find comfort foods to please any palate.

  • Jarred peaches and pears
  • Gourmet jams, bread mixes
  • Flavored salts

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BuddyLou’s Liquid Hand Soap


BuddyLou’s Hand-Crafted Goat Soap


BuddyLou’s Liquid Dish Soap